Real Conversations

for Real Change

The Moon, 37 Mosque Street

18th January 2020

How can we create a culture of consent? What stops someone from responding to harassment? How can these barriers be overcome? 


As campus sexual harassment becomes more prominent, we would like invite female undergraduates to join the conversation at The Moon on 18th January 2020.

Dialogue + Q&A Sessions
featuring representation from a spokesperson for AWARE’s Aim for Zero campaign, a psychologist, a legal expert, a university representative & survivors 

Panel 1: Barriers to Responding

Panel 2: Consent

Panel 3: Responding

VR Simulation
A VR session targeting responding 

to sexual harassment was hosted.


Ms Nicole Lim, Host, Something Private podcast

Session 1 | 0900-1200 | Consent & Barriers to Responding

Ms Devika Panicker


Aim For Zero campaign 

Ms Sylvie Lian

Clinical Psychologist

Psych Connect

Ms Monica Baey

Final-year Undergraduate


Session 2 | 1215-1430 | Responding to Sexual Harassment

Ms Jennifer Chih

Senior Lawyer & Director

PK Wong & Nair LLC 

Ms Tan Siok San


Student Affairs, NTU

Ms Jerlyn Lam

Final-year Undergraduate


Empowering female undergraduates to

respond to campus sexual harassment.

Join the conversation today.