Girl, Talk is a digital-first campaign led by four women to empower undergraduates to respond to sexual harassment.

Together, we want to create safe & conducive spaces for living & learning.



Girl, Talk

What does the campaign name

"Girl, Talk" mean?

It's a play on the commonly-used phrase ‘girl talk’, which describes uninteresting or trivial matters. In this case, Girl, Talk is used to describe meaningful  conversations that can effect real change, especially when it comes to the important & largely gendered issue  of sexual harassment. So, it’s not ‘girl talk’, it’s Girl, Talk.

It’s time for us to speak up.

Girl, Talk is a collective led by four women. We aim to raise awareness about what sexual harassment looks like and enable undergraduates to respond safely and effectively. By promoting conversations and sharing stories about the topic, we are empowering students with knowledge and comfort that they are not alone. Together, we are taking the first steps to creating safer and more conducive spaces for living and learning on campus.

Who's behind Girl, Talk?

We're Dan, Yun Rong, Heather and Dawn, and we're sharing why we created Girl, Talk to help female undergraduates

 start important conversations.



Official launch on

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Jan 6

Girl, Let’s Talk

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Feb 3

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Feb 18

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Girl, Talk Panel Event

Feb 17


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Conclusion of academic run

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Girl, Talk's relaunch preparation

Is Girl, Talk

only for females?

Girl, Talk was started by four female undergraduates who ourselves lived and studied on campus. With the slate of cases over the past years and even some of our own personal experiences, we realised the need to create a community of sisters who could support and encourage each other.


While all genders can experience sexual harassment, Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC)* reports that 79% of survivors of workplace harassment are women. This points to sexual harassment being a gendered issue.


However, we empathise with the plight of all sexual harassment survivors. Our online resources are available and accessible to anyone, regardless

of gender.


*Statistics from Sexual Assault First Responder Training by AWARE 

Why target university harassment experiences? 

University is a time of exploration and experiential learning. We are on the cusp of adulthood, living and learning in the same space as many peers, in highly social environment with complex relationships.


We realised that most of us had experienced situations where we felt unsafe or uncomfortable within our time in university and that many other students feel the same way too.


Girl, Talk was born from the conviction that that no one should feel unsafe or afraid in what should be a safe space for living and learning.


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Empowering female undergraduates to

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